Psychoanalytic psychotherapy: Who needs it? Why? What for?

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What can we offer you? Psychoanalytic psychotherapy:

  • as a possibility to better know oneself;
  • as a possibility to deal with and to solve one’s challenges and problems;
  • as a possibility to understand others better and to be with those others while being oneself.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy suits you if:

  • you have difficulties in your professional life (studies, job, career), in relations with yourself or the close ones (friends, loved ones, spouses, parents, children), in health and general state (sleep disturbances, neuroses, depressions, fears, psychosomatic disorders);
  • your problems cause you psychological suffering and discomfort;
  • there is an understanding that the source of your difficulties can belong to your own self.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy can help because:

  • it is the deepest of existent ways of psychological help, that permit to reach the core of one’s problems;
  • it is the time-tested method that helps a person to achieve desirable changes and to solve his/her difficulties

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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy of individuals

A person’s behavior, his or hers thoughts, fantasies, actions impact directly or indirectly his/her health. Psychic disorders, including behavioral disorders, limit the capacity of a person to be aware of various ways of development of the events, limit his/her possibilities to choose. Feelings of such a person, his/her thoughts, actions and deeds are usually characterized by scantiness, weakliness and repetitiveness.

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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy of couples

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy of couples is a professional aid to couples that has been in practice in many countries for many years. This kind of psychotherapy is based on a deep theoretical foundation and thoroughly elaborated technique that makes it extremely effective. Last decade this kind of aid is being practiced also by Russian specialists - practitioners of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy of a psychosomatic patient

We are all apt to develop psychosomatic responses at the moments when external or internal events become so difficult that we are not able any more to deal with arising challenges and we use our typical defenses. However, psychosomatic patients tend to respond to any emotionally difficult situation by a sickness.

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